Lockdown in the Swiss Alps

Safe to say it's been an eventful year so far... At the beginning, I was living in Leicester and working as a live sound engineer.  I had a loads of touring work lined up across Europe for the spring. Then Covid 19 happened and all of a sudden everything vanished overnight. 

I was visiting my girlfriend Lea in Switzerland when the nationwide lockdowns kicked in. All my tours were suddenly cancelled or postponed. Flights were being grounded, and I had to decide whether to go back to the UK whilst I could, or risk being stuck in Europe indefinitely. I chose to stay with Lea. 

Lea's converted camper van suddenly became our home. We spent the whole spring living in the mountains of southern Switzerland while Lea did home office and I tried to make myself useful. On the weekends, we'd walk up into the alps and go hiking. 

The mountains have always been somewhere that I've had to travel long distances to get to, so being able to gradually watch the winter snow make way for spring flowers, and spending so much quality time with Lea has been amazing.

We post-holed through empty ski resorts and bivvied on the spring snow with a tarp. The landscapes felt familiar, and it was amazing to see the seasons slowly changing, and exploring at higher and higher elevations as snow disappeared.