Gear, food & navigation for my 2018 Greater Caucasus Traverse

Check out this video I made showing everything that I carried on my two month hike through The Greater Caucasus Mountains.

My base weight was about 6.5kg’s, including crampons and ice axe. A full spreadsheet can be found here:
This hike was insane. Very difficult to plan because of the lack of info, and lots of restricted areas close to the Russian border. It was hard to find trails and plan a safe route; I often failed and had to skip sections. I mostly relied on asking local guides or shepherds for their advice. The pay off was that this was a beautiful experience and a “proper” adventure. I had the Russian FSB following me around and wondering what I was up to, I got lost on a glacier and had to jump over loads of crevasses before a storm hit, I hung out with shepherds in the middle of nowhere, and generally got a powerful, if restricted insight into the everyday lives of some people living in vastly different circumstances to my own. Nearly everyone was full of kindness and eager to offer me food, somewhere to sleep or just to have a chat. There’s good people everywhere!